Hello beautiful people (who probably hate me for not being here for so long!)

I spent the month of may and June in my native enjoying my summer vacations.☀️ Everyday I was like “I WILL WRITE A BLOG POST” but soon lost inspiration. So here I am finally! Feeling guilty than ever. (HOPE YOU GUYS STILL REMEMBER ME) I haven’t even checked my mails😥


I started watching “Gilmore Girls” ❤ and OMG I love it! It warms my heart.

I read a couple of novels, my favourites being, “PALACE OF ILLUTIONS”, It’s a book my cousin forcefully made me read…. and i am glad I did! IT’S SO DAMN GOOD! It’s based on th Indian epic “MAHABHARATA” but itsit’s from a women’s point of view, so was really unique and new💝

AND I THINK I HAVE A CRUSH ON NOAH CENTINEO! I watched almost all his movies! Like everyday I used to watch one! “THE PERFECT DATE” being my fav🖤

I made many new drawings, which I’ll show you guys in my following posts probably.

I wrote many new poems, which I want to show you guys so badly! X

I spent an amazing time on the beach, sunbathing. It was so relaxing!😘

OH and I fell in love with another song of Taylor, “YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!” it’s so good! My ears are blessed!








Feels new 😁/🤨

Hello my lovely readers🖤

What’s up guys? (Really tell me what’s up. I wanna know how are you guys? You never tell me about yourself🤨)

You must be guessing what feels new? Well it’s a little girly thing 😆 Today I waxed my hands for the first time! (I know it’s not a big deal, but dude I’m 17😂)

But I’m here to tell some serious stuff. Students sit upright and pay attention 🤫

The thing is, I feel good that now my hands look and feels smooth. BUT I used to feel really very uncomfortable wearing sleeveless tops or half sleeve Tees before shaving my hands , i.e till yesterday.

I felt like I’m an alien or something. I preferred wearing long sleeve stuff🙄 But now I feel comfortable .

The question is WHY?

Why didn’t I feel good about myself before today? Is it because I didn’t look good with all the hair? Or I looked like a gorilla or something?


It is because of the perception! YES. The society things that the definition of PERFECT women/girl is “spotless skin, hairless hands, flat body and perfect figure”

It is the society that binds us to do stuff we don’t usually care about before we notice it. (My hands starting bothering me when I was 15 or 16, because prior to that i didn’t really care )

So the thing is when will the perceptions of society change? Or will we always have to go according to their rules?

This is a short post. But I guess I explained well I wanted to convey in these few lines.

What do you think? We are the future generation, we must really think about it! Don’t you think so?



Penny x

I am not a thing.

Hello! how are you my lovely readers? or I should say my “not so personal diary”

I too feel bad.

Hey. You must have known me as a happy, playful and lively person (for those you have been reading my blogs). Well I AM a playful person, I like to be happy and make everyone around me happy. Whenever I pass someone on the way, whether I know that person or not, I make sure that I smile. Because one smile can prove to be very helpful to a person who is having a bad day!


I sometimes feel that people use me. They use me as a thing they can take help from when needed and discard when not is use. Do you feel the same?

I KNOW that I may sound over dramatic, but… this is what we teenagers go through! LOADS AND LOADS OF DRAMA! Agree girls and boys?

There are some people in my class, they will keep roaming around me during exams, when they need some help from me, or when they want me to explain something to them. (UGH YES I AM A NERD) But when exams are over, or when they are in no need of any textual knowledge, they don’t give a damn to me. They don’t include me in their conversations, they say that I am too nerdy to understand what they are talking about. Their most common excuse would be- “Oh penny! you are too innocent just stay away from our stupid conversations”. Sometimes I feel that they maybe right, that yes! I should just stay away from all the nonsense they are talking about, but then a part of me feels left out. I feel that why am i like this? Why does everyone think I am boring? Why do they only see one side of me? How can I change myself? But then again I think-


That is why I like to engage myself by reading novels, I allow myself to dive into some other person’s life, and see what they are going through, and how do they cope with all their problems. AND THEN MY CLASSMATES THINK THAT I AM “BORING”

I really don’t know what to do? Should I stop helping or pleasing others and live a life only for myself?(i cannot do that)

I need help. It concludes this post. I know that all of you must have a thing or two you can tell me which might be of some help.

Your advises always help! Thank you in advance x


Penny xxx

P.S There is one more situation I am in, similar to this, but I am not actually comfortable to share it with the whole world. Maybe I’ll tell it to some of you guys in a private post in the future. Tell me if you are interested in some more drama!

Where have I been?

Hey! my lovely readers🖤 (if anyone is still following me)

I am back! After a month I guess… and yess I’m alive😂I SURVIVED MY EXAMS!!!

So you’ll be thinking “where was this girl?” “She must be sleeping all these days” “she’s lazy”

Well, these are partially right🤣 LOL just kidding* I was in the battle field against some very cruel and brutal enemies! They were from the history, political, geographical and language kingdom! But guys I defeated them all! YAY🏆

you must me thinking that exam must have done something wrong with my head, that’s why I’m behaving so stupidly 😂 maybe you are right! Exams always manage to mess with my poor brain. I’ve a LOT of stuff to share with you guys! Literally a lot! I hope you’re ready for it!

Hope you missed me? Did you? (I’ll be hurt if you didn’t 😂🖤)

P.s this time penny is here to stay! Writing feels like heaven! I’m feeling like I’m finally back home!

I’ll catch up with everything I’ve missed💕

Byee (not forever)

Your annoying fellow blogger,


Women empowerment!

This is such an important and strong topic, isn’t it? We are asked to write essays and perform debates on this topic in schools and colleges.


Has this term have just become the topic for discussion or debate? Or does this have an *actual influence*

Women empowerment is not just a topic for debate, IT’S A MOVEMENT!

Well, my opinion is I don’t believe in it. Wait. Before you report my blog or block it, listen to what to what i wanna say.

I am a girl, and you know what? I don’t feel underpowered! Do you? (If you are a girl)

I feel confident in my skin, I feel happy and I have the freedom to do anything I want (well not ANYTHING but relevant things)

Today women can be seen in each and every sector! Whether it be in IIT, Armed forces, entertainment or medicine! Women have raised their flags on THE SUMMIT OF MOUNT EVEREST 🏆 they have left their footsteps on the surface of moon, they are controlling satellites, they are saving lives, they are making new trends…

Women are now no more depended on men for their needs! WE HAVE BECOME SELF SUFFICIENT!


Who are these people to EMPOWER us women? Does giving speeches or making movies empower women? It’s a common sense question.

I don’t think so. Do you?

I have this question, who the hell devised this concept of inferiority of women in the first place? WHO WAS THAT IDIOT? and why are other idiots following him?

Who said that men will earn and women will make them dinner? And whoever said this was obviously not a NORMAL PERSON ! I mean guys!!! This is so stupid!

The situation today is different. Women are leading the world, and will soon takeover the positions of super powers!

I really dont see the need for women empowerment, I know there are still places in the world where women are not even given their basic rights, but i don’t think just giving speeches and manifesto’s will change anything!

Us girls have to take a step forward and help fellow girls and women, instead of waiting for the men to change their mentality. (That’s not gonna happen till we change ourselves)

Because we know what it feels like.

Girls go ahead and let’s contribute to Change the world.



What do you guys think? Tell me if anything I said was wrong, because if I am… I would love to change my thinking 🖤


Penny xxx

P.S Sorry if I sound rude here, I really wrote my heart out, and heart sometimes can be rude 😛💕

Am I selfish?

Hey! What’s up guys? I know I’ve not been much active here, actually my exams are round tye corner so I am busy studying. But I had to write this post, as I need some advice from you guys.

I have one friend (I know I have so many friends! But she’s not someone who I want to be friends with.) Her name is Dora (I’m out of names😂).

We met this year, as after 10th, we both chose humanities as a subject. We gradually started talking and became good friends. But I didn’t liked one thing about her, she always said “omg penny, you are so giving, just learn to say no, and think about yourself sometimes. In this world no one is doing anything thing for anyone else, keep yourself first” . I am the kind of person, who cannot see anyone in despair , I like helping, I dont know why but I guess it’s because I’ve always been taught this, I’ve always been taught to share my happiness and I love it💙 and when Dora said these things, it irritated me a lot! Coz I didn’t wanna be someone I am not. This is something which helps me stand out, and I was not gonna change it.

She said this everyday! And one day I finally opened my mouth. I told her “look Dora, if someone ask me to help them i won’t say no, and I’m really sorry but I don’t think I can be someone YOU want me to be”

I don’t regret saying this, coz we all have the right to present our opinions👩

Yesterday, she came to my seat, I was reading my geography textbook, and I cannot concentrate if someone is talking. She said “penny can you explain this to me” pointing at a paragraph. All I said was “sure Dora, give me a minute, I’ll finish what i am reading and then explain to you” and she was like “penny you’ve become selfish ”

I stared at her dumbstruck. I didn’t say a word, except i explained the paragraph to her .

Guys, did anything i said sound selfish? And she was the one who wanted me to think about myself first, I didn’t actually did what she wanted me to do when we first met, I just asked her for a minute. Was anything wrong in that?

if I am wrong, I will definitely apologize to her, but if you think I am not wrong, please let me know, it will help Me to get out of the guilt I’m feeling right now.

Thank you for being part of the drama 🖤

Byee, till next time.

Penny xxx