Ready Steady Go!


Have you ever had a dream that someone’s chasing you, you don’t know who it is but still keep running? And suddenly you wake up with your heart beating loudly in your chest!

This is actually the truth of this generation.

Didn’t understand? Umm wait let me explain…


Have you ever felt this pressure? I am sure all of you reading this have felt like this atleast once, or are still going through it.

Today I got my history answer sheet checked, and I scored 40/40 (I am really happy! no stress about that lol) But my friend (her answer sheet isn’t checked yet) she was very upset. she said “Oh god! I don’t think I’ll even able to pass this exam, let alone score good marks”. I said “Why are you saying that? believe in yourself”. Her eyes were almost filled with tears, and she said “I KNOW what I have done in my exam and i am aware of the consequences!”

Why all this stress? afterall it’s just a plain white sheet with some words written on it! THE ANSWER IS COMPETITION

EVERYONE wants to come first in this race called “LIFE”

And the principle of “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE” obviously does not apply here… because … I CAN’T THINK OF A REASON!!!

Like a dream unfortunately you cannot wake up hoping it would end!

I am unable to provide any conclusion to this blog post, because right now I am stressed about my upcoming POL science exam on monday! Isn’t it weird that I am writing about coming first and how it affects a student but still THINKING about coming first in my class!

Something’s not right. And I don’t know what that SOMETHING is! Why are we so obsessed about this so called RACE!

Will you help me? I know without competition it is not possible to earn respect in this modern world, but do you have ANY suggestions for people like me (and many others like my friend) who are just running not knowing which race they are participating in, or for what are they running at all?

P.S sorry for such an incomplete kind of blog post with no starting and no definite end, but I can’t help it, because I am myself CONFUSED!

SUGGESTIONS are welcomed! xxx (and are needed urgently)


Penny xxx



I wish I was a little slim, I wish I had a wider smile, I wish I was tall, I wish I was more beautiful, I wish I wish I wish!


Before anything else, we need to deal with one question… Why do we keep wishing we had something we don’t have? Instead of cherishing what we already have?

isn’t this true?

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

isn’t it possible that the person we are comparing ourselves with, is comparing herself with some other person?


First things first- Who discovered the word PERFECT? Was that person “perfect” himself? We would never know. And who said that a slim body is a perfect body?


No one could give the definition of PERFECTION. Because we all are perfect in our own ways. God has given us features, he thinks is perfect for us, then why the comparison?

The other day I was staring at my reflection at the mirror. And I kept saying these things- UGH mom, I wish my cheeks weren’t this big! I wanted blue eyes… what do I have brown? I am looking so fat in this dress… This doesn’t look good on me, I wish I was a little skinning ….. and what not?

My Mom scolded me. She said that if I don’t respect and love myself how can I expect it from others? which is completely TRUE!

Who said that a certain type of person only is beautiful? NO ONE! These all conceptions are made by us! Well not literally by us, but why do we follow them? Because one way or another we are convinced that if we are not like THAT we are not perfect.


  • Stand in front of a mirror and see your reflection, and instead of pointing out flaws ( which are not actually flaws, they make you beautiful) see things that make you feel beautiful.
  • Look at those freckles and try to love them.
  • Wear all kinds of dresses and walk with your back straight, Be confident and you’ll feel like the most beautiful/handsome person in the whole world.
  • Always wear a smile on your face, it’s the biggest beauty tip one could ever give you!
  • And just imagine yourself with something you don’t have… for example, if you are chubby, imagine yourself with flat cheeks… I swear you’ll look awful because your cheeks are what makes you cute and beautiful.


If you feel beautiful then you’ll look beautiful.

And please… don’t run after perfection! It is something which is not achievable. In other words, it is mere FICTION!

I am yet to achieve all these goals, and I hope this blog helped you.


Please leave your thoughts and opinions, it might help others and ME to started loving ourselves.



What does music mean to me?

Another artwork of mine. xxx

Before writing anything, thank you to all of you! I have got my first five followers!!! YAY! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments! You all are really sweet and I am really looking forward to share this beautiful journey of blogging with you! xxx

So yeah! now let’s get to the topic.


My answer is… EVERYTHING! Music just means everything to me. I have this kind of timetable,(so that I could do everything I want to do, everyday) where I have given 1 hour to music. JUST PURE MUSIC. No studies, no Industrial revolution, no latitudes and longitudes, nothing! just music. Everyday between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm I listen to songs, I listen to the same ones or sometimes update my playlist if something’s great in the market!

Even my mom doesn’t disturb me, because she knows I need to clear my mind and relax…

Music is my therapy to cure exam stress problems (which I guess is a viral one), or just uplift my mood!

It just brings me back on track whenever I am out of my mind. The problem with me is I take a lot of stress, 10 days before exam I will be like ” MOM! EXAMS ARE ROUND THE CORNER… I AM SCARED!” this is a typical thing that happens in my house during exam season (which is btw actually round the corner! OMG I AM SCARED!)

Then my Mom will be like, stop. get your face out of that book and listen to some songs! It’s like everyone knows what brings me back to normal. LOL!

*BTW I AM BIGGGGG TAYLOR SWIFT FAN* Any swiftees out there?



  • There you are_ Zayn
  • Don’t blame me_ Taylor swift
  • All to well_ Taylor swift
  • Don’t go breaking my heart_ Backstreet boys
  • Say you won’t let go_ James arthur

And many more!!! (I can’t write down everything)

What does music mean to YOU?

Do you have any catchy songs in your playlist? If you do I would love to listen to them!


Penny xxx



WELCOMING 2019 WITH A SKY FULL OF HOPES! ( yes this is my art)

HAHA! promoting myself!

Hope you all had a happy new year!

So today I am here to answer a question, WHY AM I HERE? (eating everyone’s head LOL)

What’s the purpose of me being here?

Well honestly I am not here for some serious, secret mission or anything! *just clearifying*

Actually I have this diary where I write my thought on various things, and poems etc, so I was like who is gonna read this? I mean no one would be interested in reading a teenager’s diary! So I just thought why not share my thoughts with some fellow bloggers/teenagers, who would understand me. And the reason why I kept this blog anonymous is… when people would visit my page, they would just read my thoughts and stuff without judging me, because when you don’t know me, you cannot judge me. As simple as that!

And I honestly don’t want my friends, to read this blog…I want it to be my LITTLE SECRET PLACE where I could me completely me! (i know everyone say that)


Being completely me… The ME here is a crazy person, LOL

I am a really shy person, but when no one knows who I am “actually” there’s no need to be shy! Right? SO DON’T EXPECT ME TO BE SO. xxx

Is your blog your secret hideaway?





2018 has been an amazing year for me💥

Things that I didn’t imagine happened this year!

Yeah! Problems are something everyone faces, and you can’t help it… that’s why instead of crying over the problems I faced this year, I would like to say goodbye to 2018 by being grateful for all the amazing things that happened to me!

I met really great people this year… Made lots of new friends, socialised a lot, and overcame one of my biggest fear! And that is STAGE FRIGHT! YES I am a person who goes completely pale before stepping on the stage! But yes! Thanks to my family and friend’s continuous support… I overcame it!!! YAY 😆

I LOVE singing!!! And being able to sing for an audience is an amazing feeling🖤

2018 gave me a platform to showcase my art. I have an art account on Instagram (not gonna reveal it here) . And some lovely people follow me and appreciate my art! I’m really grateful for all the support I get! 😍

And the biggest achievement this year was LEARNING GUITAR! This is the instrument I always wanted to learn and finally this year I got the opportunity to do so🖤

I tried my hand at writing poems (which I’ll definetly share with you) and novels.

And so much more (I cannot write every thing!)

And I hope 2019 will be even more Amazing!

Are you grateful for all the good things that happened to you this year? If yes share your amazing experience with us! And LET’S SPREAD POSITIVITY💙

Thank you for reading this blog post!




This is something everyone of us must have wondered at least for once.

I am a person with many friends, and I feel really lucky about it. But sometimes I wonder if the people I trust so much are worth it or not?

I have a friend, her name is Rosy (this isn’t her real name). She helps me out whenever I need her, she sends me notes of the days when I am unable to attend the school, without even me asking for it. And when she needs help from me, I feel really good to be of some use to her.

But then there are some other people around me who just thinks of me as a FULL TIME HELPER. They are super nice to me when they want me to do something or need some help from me, but on other days they don’t even bother to say ‘HI’

Are they really my friends?


  • never leave you alone when you are in trouble.
  • help you without you asking them.
  • never use you.
  • never reveal your secrets.
  • listens to what you are saying, instead of just ranting about themselves.
  • gives you honest opinions about everything.

And fake friends, do everything what real friends don’t.

Do you have FAKE FRIENDS? Or any such amazing experience with your REAL FRIEND?

P.S- Real Friends are gems who are hard to find, and people who find them are really lucky.

Penny xxx

HEY, Readers!

Yay! So this is my first post!

I’m really excited to introduce myself to all of you🖤

So!!! This is an anonymous blog so I won’t be revealing my real name… you can call me Penny😀

With all these exclamations and all, you must have understood that I am an excited person, I’m not saying it… my friends say so!

I’m 16 years old! And a humanities students 😁

Okay… so you must have understood that I am not good at introducing.

Let’s do it In a question/answer way. It would be easier .

What are my hobbies? Drawing! Making portraits and playing guitar💙 I’ll show you my drawings in my later posts.

What is my passion? Singing 🖤 music is everything to me! And if it’s Taylor swift’s music then it’s like cherry on cake! She is my inspiration… I guess I must stop! Or else I’ll go on writing about her💓

I’m really looking forward to posting my ideas on this amazing platform! I hope you enjoy reading them!


Penny xxx