I wish I was a little slim, I wish I had a wider smile, I wish I was tall, I wish I was more beautiful, I wish I wish I wish!


Before anything else, we need to deal with one question… Why do we keep wishing we had something we don’t have? Instead of cherishing what we already have?

isn’t this true?

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

isn’t it possible that the person we are comparing ourselves with, is comparing herself with some other person?


First things first- Who discovered the word PERFECT? Was that person “perfect” himself? We would never know. And who said that a slim body is a perfect body?


No one could give the definition of PERFECTION. Because we all are perfect in our own ways. God has given us features, he thinks is perfect for us, then why the comparison?

The other day I was staring at my reflection at the mirror. And I kept saying these things- UGH mom, I wish my cheeks weren’t this big! I wanted blue eyes… what do I have brown? I am looking so fat in this dress… This doesn’t look good on me, I wish I was a little skinning ….. and what not?

My Mom scolded me. She said that if I don’t respect and love myself how can I expect it from others? which is completely TRUE!

Who said that a certain type of person only is beautiful? NO ONE! These all conceptions are made by us! Well not literally by us, but why do we follow them? Because one way or another we are convinced that if we are not like THAT we are not perfect.


  • Stand in front of a mirror and see your reflection, and instead of pointing out flaws ( which are not actually flaws, they make you beautiful) see things that make you feel beautiful.
  • Look at those freckles and try to love them.
  • Wear all kinds of dresses and walk with your back straight, Be confident and you’ll feel like the most beautiful/handsome person in the whole world.
  • Always wear a smile on your face, it’s the biggest beauty tip one could ever give you!
  • And just imagine yourself with something you don’t have… for example, if you are chubby, imagine yourself with flat cheeks… I swear you’ll look awful because your cheeks are what makes you cute and beautiful.


If you feel beautiful then you’ll look beautiful.

And please… don’t run after perfection! It is something which is not achievable. In other words, it is mere FICTION!

I am yet to achieve all these goals, and I hope this blog helped you.


Please leave your thoughts and opinions, it might help others and ME to started loving ourselves.





  1. Maggie · January 12

    “If you feel beautiful then you’ll look beautiful.” I adore this post so much, Penny! 🙌🏼💓 Thank you for writing it. ☺️ More girls need to understand that ‘perfection’ is not attainable – being the happiest version of ourself is! There will always be room for improvement, but we should never consider perfection the ultimate goal. We’ll never get there!

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  2. Autumn · January 17

    This is SUCH an inspirational and heartfelt post Penny! 💞 I loved your writing style throughout this, and your words speak volumes – everything you’ve said, I relate to & I’m sure so many others do too. Perfection seriously shouldn’t be our main goal as teenage girls, there are so many more things we can achieve without having the perfect body/ looks. 🌟 And I love your question for who created the word perfect/ perfection, especially ‘was that person perfect themselves?’ – I bet they weren’t, but who knows! 😂 Anyway, this is a post that needed to be written, so thank you for writing about it so wel! 💚 Autumn x

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  3. Amber · January 18

    Yasss! Somebody gotta put it out there that perfection doesn’t exist, and beauty isn’t what’s always on the outside, it can be the inside. My mum is always scolding for pointing out that pimple that will never go away, that zit that just, well, eww. So now, instead, I look at myself and compliment my eyes, my nose and my smile, and it makes me feel soo much better, like I’m confident and a force to be reckoned with 😜 Love your post!! I’ve just found your blog and it’s chamazin’! (I think I just made that up 🤣)
    Great post ✨
    Amber x

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  4. I wrote a blog similar to this topic here, so cool to find another who is passionate for letting others be WHO THEY ARE! 😀

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