Ready Steady Go!


Have you ever had a dream that someone’s chasing you, you don’t know who it is but still keep running? And suddenly you wake up with your heart beating loudly in your chest!

This is actually the truth of this generation.

Didn’t understand? Umm wait let me explain…


Have you ever felt this pressure? I am sure all of you reading this have felt like this atleast once, or are still going through it.

Today I got my history answer sheet checked, and I scored 40/40 (I am really happy! no stress about that lol) But my friend (her answer sheet isn’t checked yet) she was very upset. she said “Oh god! I don’t think I’ll even able to pass this exam, let alone score good marks”. I said “Why are you saying that? believe in yourself”. Her eyes were almost filled with tears, and she said “I KNOW what I have done in my exam and i am aware of the consequences!”

Why all this stress? afterall it’s just a plain white sheet with some words written on it! THE ANSWER IS COMPETITION

EVERYONE wants to come first in this race called “LIFE”

And the principle of “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE” obviously does not apply here… because … I CAN’T THINK OF A REASON!!!

Like a dream unfortunately you cannot wake up hoping it would end!

I am unable to provide any conclusion to this blog post, because right now I am stressed about my upcoming POL science exam on monday! Isn’t it weird that I am writing about coming first and how it affects a student but still THINKING about coming first in my class!

Something’s not right. And I don’t know what that SOMETHING is! Why are we so obsessed about this so called RACE!

Will you help me? I know without competition it is not possible to earn respect in this modern world, but do you have ANY suggestions for people like me (and many others like my friend) who are just running not knowing which race they are participating in, or for what are they running at all?

P.S sorry for such an incomplete kind of blog post with no starting and no definite end, but I can’t help it, because I am myself CONFUSED!

SUGGESTIONS are welcomed! xxx (and are needed urgently)


Penny xxx



  1. Amber · January 19

    Penny, I think you should just focus on you (and look out for your friend aswell). I used to get wound up about scores on tests, coming first was everybody’s main goal but I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter. A lil’ quote that stood out to me was ‘Try your best, don’t stress and forget the rest.’ That should be the motto of life, because if your friend or you or anybody else put everything they had into that history test then, in my eyes, they succeeded, because when people show me their test scores and their higher me, I think but how long did you spend revising? Constantly trying to remember everything to get a good score. And I’m telling you, you probably revised more than them. You’re probably thinking so why didn’t I get a good score?! The truth is, you did. You believed in yourself. To win the race, you’ve got to have a differently outlook on life, because maybe winning the race isn’t always about reaching the end. (Jeee, I sound like I know what I’m taking about 🤣)
    And don’t worry about being confused, we all go through it, and it sucks. Big time. But you’ll know what you need to do. Just believe in yourself ✨
    Amber x

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    • pennygirlonline2002 · January 19

      Thank you so much Amber 🖤 your words were really relatable and helpful! And yes you are right, winning the race isn’t always about reaching the end! Thanks a lot! xxx

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  2. Maggie · January 19

    The pressures of society are a huge issue, especially for our age group! Doing the “best” that we can (and then some 🙄) is pushed on us, because what, perfection and conforming to societal norms is the only thing that’s accepted?? I think that applying yourself to get the best academic grades that you can is important, but the anxiety and pressure we feel is certainly not.
    One thing about my life which would probably be unaccepted by most (😂) is that I’m not pursuing college at the moment. I mean, what, why?! It’s the obvious choice after high school, right? Well, I’m 18 and I’m passionate about teaching myself a huge variety of things. I just bought a comprehensive sign language course to learn ASL, not because I hate college or anything, but because this is what works for my life 🤗💙
    You and your friend are in my thoughts, Penny!

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    • pennygirlonline2002 · January 19

      You are absolutely right! And choosing comprehensive sign language course is great! You should do what you are passionate about! And thank you so much !!! You are really kind! I’ll definitely tell my friend about you! xxx

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      • Maggie · January 19

        Aw thank you! And you’re welcome 💕 That’s so sweet! 😊

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